MW0MAU Projects Page
Cobwebb Antenna  I made this antenna after reading after reading these resources on the
Web http://www.g3tpw.co.uk/ and http://mw0mau.net/Cobwebb.pdf I must say that the PDF
Cobwebb Revealed has nothing to do with G3TPW.
Twin Element, Multitrap dipole.  I made this antenna after reading the
Following wed resources  http://degood.org/coaxtrap/ and
http://www.sdarc.net/pdfs/Making_Baluns.pdf The balun below is a 4:1 balan
that was used in my OCF Dipole. I converted this into a 1:1 balun for the feed point of my
MW0MAU TEMTpole. For more information please email.
I acknowledge that all the information I used for
these antennas came originally from research done
on the Internet and and I have used that information
In the design of these antennas.
The antenna above is my TEMTP or Twin Element Multi Trap diPole. It has one element for 12m and 17m
with a 12m coaxial trap. It has a second element for 10m-80m with traps for 10m, 15m, 20m and 40m.
A 40m coaxial trap can be seen in the picture on the right.